Singapore Prize Book (Singapore)

A healthy civil society depends on people who are committed to their communities and, at pivotal times, will put the common good before their own interests. This year’s Harvard Prize Book (Singapore) honours such individuals, whose commitment and sacrifice have helped build a stronger Singapore. The prize is a public recognition of their contributions to the nation. It also encourages others to emulate their selfless acts, and inspires the younger generation to follow in their footsteps.


The winners of the 21st Singapore Prestige Brand Award were feted at an awards ceremony last Wednesday evening. Construction company Craftwork, co-living operator Coliwoo, healthcare provider StarMed Specialist Centre and a host of other companies were among those recognised in the Promising Brands category.


The third edition of the Earthshot Prize awards ceremony took place in Singapore on Tuesday night. It was hosted by Emmy Award winner Hannah Waddingham and three-time Emmy award winning actor Sterling K. Brown, and heralded the next wave of environmentalists and businesses who have some of the answers to the planet’s most pressing problems. The ceremony showcased the inspiring stories of the 15 finalists, who work on solutions to global issues like climate change and ocean conservation.

Prince William, whose royal foundation launched the awards program in 2020, said that the solutions presented by this year’s winners and finalists proved that “hope does remain,” as the effects of climate change continue to be felt across the globe.

A total of S$5 million in cash and prizes were awarded to the shortlisted finalists, including a special merit award presented to suicide prevention agency Samaritans of Singapore. The prizes were given to recognise the outstanding achievements of the finalists and their contribution to the community. The awards were also aimed at encouraging Singapore’s private sector to invest in branding and building a strong corporate culture.

The winners of this year’s Singapore Prestige Brand Awards were announced at an event held at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. The prestigious accolade was established in 2002 and is jointly organised by the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (Asme) and Lianhe Zaobao. The winning firms have a proven track record in branding and are able to differentiate themselves from their competitors through the products or services that they provide. They have also shown that they are able to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive business landscape and adapt their business model as the economy evolves. This is the 131st awards report from Publishing Perspectives since our 2022 operations began on January 3. Click here for more information on this series.